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Welcome to DEC Parts.com - The World's Largest Inventory of DEC and Apple Mac Computer Systems
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IGS is a niche wholesale reseller of IT hardware parts and complete systems. We are boutique repair service center for DEC, HP AlphaServer systems and Vax Systems as well as Apple computers. We are proud of our history as successful marketer for Compaq, HP and Vax. Our long-term, successful relationship with the U.S. Navy demonstrates our company’s reliability and innovative nature. During our 20 years in the reseller business IGS has diversified but never lost sight of our core mission to serve every customer well. “This is what what we’ve cut our teeth on from day one: service excellence,” says IGS founder Bobby Ahearn.

In addition to dominating the DEC/HP/Compaq world, IGS leads the wholesale reseller field as a multi-vendor supplier that cultivates partnerships with a wide array of manufacturers, including IBM, Sun, NetGear, Apple and 40 others.

IGS customers include Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. They expect efficiency and excellence. Our 24/7 shop delivers!

New!  Wholesaler of all Mac desktop and laptop systems.  IGS is pleased to announce the availability a full line of MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac Pros and iMacs.  Every conceivable Apple computer system configuration is on hand.

We refurbish, repair and resell the full line of Apple Macintosh computers from iMacs, to MacPros, MacBooks and Macbook Pros.

Samples of the hundreds from which to choose:

Used 27" iMac Quad Core i7/2.8 GHz

Used G5 Power Mac (PCI-E Series)

Used G5 Power Mac (PCI-X Series)

Used iMac: 27 in.