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A little bit of history from Wikipedia.... MasPar Computer Corporation was a minisupercomputer vendor that was founded in 1987 by Jeff Kalb. The company was based in Sunnyvale, California. While Kalb was the Vice-President of DEC's VLSI chip-building division, some researchers in that division were building a supercomputer based on the Goodyear MPP (massively parallel processor) supercomputer. 

The DEC researchers enhanced the architecture by: making the processor elements to be 4-bit instead of 1-bit increasing the connectivity of each processor element to 8 neighbors from 4. adding a global interconnect for all of the processing elements, which was a triple-redundant switch which was easier to implement than a full crossbar switch. 

After Digital decided not to commercialize the research project, Kalb decided to start a company to sell this minisupercomputer. In 1990, the first generation product MP-1 was delivered. In 1992, the follow-on MP-2 was shipped. The company shipped more than 200 systems. Samples of MasPar MPs, from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, are in storage at the Computer History Museum. MasPar offered a family of SIMD machines, second sourced by DEC. The processor units are proprietary. There was no MP-3. 

MasPar exited the computer hardware business in June 1996, halting all hardware development and transforming itself into a new data mining software company called Neovista Software. In 1999, Neovista was acquired by Accrue Software.

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QTY      P/N                                REV

1 3400-0031-00 N/A 30-29619-01

2 4300-0076-00 N/A 30-39629-01

4 3400-0031-02 A4 29-29377-01

1 DEC MPP12000  WITH 


1 03-221-0007 E

1 03-221-0008 C

10 03-221-0013 A3


1 4300-0017-00 B5

1 4300-0015-00 A7

4 3400-0002-01 A1

1 4300-0032-00 A0

1 4300-0066-00 A3

1 3400-0000-00 B5


1 3400-0030-02 N/A

1 3400-0000-01 B5

4 3400-0002-01 A1

1 3400-0027-00 N/A

1 4300-0015-00 A6

1 4300-0017-00 B4